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Property Valuation Administrator (PVA)

History and Roles

Since 1850, there has been an office in Kentucky law that assesses the taxable properties within counties. Today this position is known as the property valuation administrator or PVA. The office is in charge of assessing all property in the county, both real and personal. All property, unless specifically examined by the Constitution, is taxable.
Note: The PVA does not determine how much tax you pay. They only assess the "Fair Market Value" of the property. The property bill is determined by the assessed value and tax rate. The tax rate is determined by local government officials and taxing districts. The PVA also does not set tax rates or collect property taxes. They are required to give a fair cash value assessment, which is the price that a piece of property will bring in a fair sale.

Current Staff

Sean D. Curry, PVA

Lisa Wright, Chief Deputy
Barbie Patterson

Contact Information and Office Hours

103 South 1st Street
Greensburg, KY 42743
Phone: (270)932-7518
Fax: (270)932-5412

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
7:00am-4:00pm central time
7:00am-3:00pm central time

From Left to Right: Sean Curry, Lisa Wright, Barbie Patterson